Lil Lofty Lions

Lil Lofty Lions is a small, ARBA registered rabbitry located in Northcentral Ohio. I am a proud member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, and the National American Lionhead Rabbit Club. I specialize in Tort and REW, however I do have other colors available at times. All of my rabbits are pedigreed, however pet quality rabbits will be offered at a discount with no pedigree. I offer generous discounts to youth and multi-rabbit purchases. I enjoy attending ARBA shows all over Ohio, and surrounding states. Please enjoy looking through my page. I take pride in my rabbitry and each rabbit is well cared for and loved.

I highly recommend anyone breeding or showing Lionheads join the NALRC (National American Lionhead Rabbit Club). You will receive an amazing guidebook and the quarterly magazine, Mane Musings. I currently serve as the District 8 Director and the Chairman of the Website Committee. You will also be able to compete in the sweepstakes to compete for top show points, quality points, open herdsman of the year, and lionhead of the year.

I also recommend that you join the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association). You will receive an excellent guidebook, Raising Better Rabbits and Cavies, as well as the Domestic Rabbits magazine. The ARBA also has a great online store where you can purchase the Standard of Perfection, show supplies, clothing, and much more!

You must be an ARBA member to register a rabbit, and Grand Champion a rabbit.